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Ruigang Xu

PhD Student


L/019, YSBL, Department of Biology

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Research Summary

My research is focused on the structural genomics of large terminase proteins from several thermophilic bacteriophages, via structural determination by X-ray crystallography. The large terminase oligomer contains the ATPase and endonuclease activities of the viral packaging motor, and has shown to have similar drug inhibitions to HIV integrases. Inhibition of viral enzymes by small molecules such as ATP analogues is hence another key area of my interests.

Career Summary

I graduated from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zhengzhou University (Henan provine, China) with a Master’s degree of Medicine in 2013. During my 3 years of studies I majored in Medicinal Chemistry and worked as a Synthetic Chemistry Researcher in Prof. Fengwu Liu’s laboratory. My research focussed on the design and synthesis of novel antiviral nucleoside compounds, including monophosphonate nucleosides and cyclohexenylnucleosides. For a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of viral protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions which could aid in the development of antiviral drugs, I began my research in the laboratory of Prof. Fred Antson in York Structural Biology Laboratory, University of York, in 2013 on a Four Year PhD Student Scholarship.


  • 2013 – China Scholarship Council, PhD Student Scholarship, 4 years
  • 2013 – University of York, Wild Fund Scholarship, 3 years

Selected Publications

Directly Regioselective Protection of Secondary Hydroxyl Group on Ribosides in Aqueous Solution, R. Xu, F. Liu, Y. Liu, B. Chen, F.W. Liu, Chin. J. Chem., 2013, 31, 855-860.